Project management immersion is a modular training programme, covering the expected competences/skills of a project manager.

The different training modules/workshops provide a solid foundation in project management principles (KNOWLEDGE) in combination with the practical application (SKILLS/INSIGHT) of these theoretical principles. The training program is intended for novice project managers, as well as more experienced project managers. Based on your individual needs, you can select the training modules/workshops which will help you to grow and to become successful in your role as project manager.

project management – hard skills

The core element of this ‘competence’ track is the training PRINCE2™ Foundation. This training lays the foundation of your project management knowledge and will give you the opportunity to get an approved certification. This training is followed by practical workshops, which will give you the necessary insight in the practical application of important project management themes (Business case/project initiation documentation, planning and follow-up, quality, risk management)


project management – soft skills

This ‘competence’ track focuses on the leadership-, communication- and team management skills of a project manager. In the different training modules/workshops, the theoretical concepts are followed by team discussions and -exercises, role-play, short ‘games’ to practice these different skills/competences.

schema soft skills