flemish government
agency ‘agriculture and fishing’

logo Flemish government agency'agriculture and fishing'

Development and rollout of an integrated project methodology. Coaching of all involved parties (board of directors, management, project managers).

Role: expert/project manager

2009 – 2010


ict de post

logo De Post

Selection of a portfolio, program and project management tool. Coaching of the project managers in the customized project management methodology (based on PRINCE2™).

Role: project manager /senior coach

2008 – 2009


bank of the post

Project Management of the project ‘Development of the PC Banking application and the commercial website’. Challenges within this project : management of a strict deadline and the co-operation between 3 involved parties (Bank of the Post, De Post and Fortis).

Role: project manager

2007 – 2008


fortis it

logo fortis

Rollout of the customized project management methodology. Coaching of all involved parties (Fortis IT Management and IT project leaders).

Role : senior coach/project manager

2007 – 2008



logo Capgemini

Development of a project management training program (8 days – mix of hard- and soft skills). Delivery of the project magement training to project managers at Capgemini Belgium and Capgemini University (Paris).
Project leader or team leader in different projects.

Role : Senior trainer/coach and project leader

1999 – 2007